Head Office : Pesanggrahan Office R 102

Want to know About Us ?

“TO BE THE STAKEHOLDERS’ TRUST”, arises from our belief that the advantages of a "trust" will touch every crevice of human life and are invaluable, and even economical advantages is just one small part. Trust can simply be attributed to "character", "competence" and "ethical behavior".

KNF Vision
Exists to provide an optimal value for stakeholders. We do this through synergizing of our professionals experience & competency with our commitment to the best service.

What we do What Makes Us Special

Insightful Solutions

Providing services with insightful solutions and exploring potential opportunities to optimize value harmonization between clients and stakeholders

Knowledge & Sharing

Sharing knowledge on current issues and how to make them understandable.


Increased professional competence consistently through ongoing training.

Work Clture

Develop a work culture based on professional ethics to produce a work environment that committed to the professional quality indicators.

Interested in working with US ?

We don’t just manage tax, we micro-manage them. We have a consultative, personalized approach